Turning up roses

Hey.... it's coo. Just want to say hi after a year and a half of not updated you on how sick my life is (¯\_(ツ)_/¯). We've grown quite a bit as a band lately, really perfecting the show aspect and the ability to learn songs. I believe we are almost at 300 songs on our master song list which is quite an accomplishment. On a personal level we are stronger than ever, literally, Kevin's arms are HUGE.

Starting this group way back when while sitting at KJ's I would have never thought it would have grown into what it has today. Not saying we are a major success and future rock-n-roll hall of famers (lol that would be super sick though) but what we have accomplished in our own small little world fills me with so much pride. Over the past few years people regularly come to see us. Many different faces at our local bar gigs but more and more you get to see the same faces, staring, listening, smiling, dancing, all to the music we are playing. There is nothing like that feeling. 

Also this sounds like "Born to Run" the Bruce Springsteen autobiography that I am currently listening to on audio book (the last book I read was Animorphs). So sorry if I am soppy and kind've weird with this post. Just feels cool to put something out online about being happy.




Dom Provenzano