Dope is Where the Heart is

Why hello there,

You’re guy Coo here. I know I know it has been WAYY too long since I have updates the masses on the band and my own personal well being. Simply put we switched website formats and I couldn’t immediately figure out how to do it. So I just gave up. But lucky you i’ve been feeling extra reflective lately so I will type and my main squeeze Dom will hook it up. He’s so dope.

Speaking of dope, many a-dope things have happened over the past 2 years since my last update. I got married (dope), graduated college (long overdue but still dope), and I am about to become a dad (super dope). The baby boy is expecting to arrive May 5th, but some insider info he is trying to break out early so I might be graduating into fatherhood earlier than expected.

But enough about me. The band is doing stupendous. We’ve played many weddings and private events which are great and the bar shows are few and far between which makes them more of an event and they surely have become better and better. One notable show was “The Kettle Black” in Staten Island. We rocked that house like no one has ever rocked it before. I have been singing “shout” at the end of almost every show for many many years now. So when time came for that to happen and the part a little bit softer now came I looked into the packed room and saw every single person down and enjoying themselves with a huge smile on their face and mine. That’s what it’s all about and that's why we do what we do. For the people coming out to enjoy themselves could go anywhere and do anything, but those put their trust in us and keep coming back for more means the world to me.

Until next time my dudes.

Dom Provenzano