How is everyone! I keep forgetting about this secret secret part of my life that I only share with maybe 2-5 people who have found this so sorry if you have been chomping at the bit for some more in depth Causi time. This have been rather exciting since last time we've spoke. We have two additions to the band that really take us to the next level. Kevin (Hello) Adele and Nicole Taubman. Kevin is one of the greatest saxophone players that I have ever had the opportunity of playing with, he really shines through when you need him to be. Also, have you seen his ARMS! Nicole I think has been the greatest addition that this band has seen yet, she has already propelled us to a level that I never thought we would be. Chances are she will be replacing me by 2016 and the new band name will read "Nicole and The Tubmen". 

Since it is the holiday season I do have a'lot to be thankful for, my beautiful fiancé Carolyn, my families health (have you seen Joe Causi he down 1,000 pounds and looks FABULOUS), and last but not least my band mates who mean more to me than they know, Adam, Danny, Dom, Nicole, Kevin, sometimes Fazio and .... uhhhhh...... JAMES CASTORO!

Have a Merry Christmas
Anthony Causi

Dom Provenzano