Well, Looks like your day just got a whole lot better. It's not everyday someone as intelligent as you can hack my bands website to find a meaningless blog written by the lead singer, but anyway, WELCOME!!!

In this blog I'm just going to talk about anything I want at any moment of time so check back regularly for updates.  Also, guest blogs written by my Effects are likely to happen. I would really like to see if Danny Boston can complete a story beginning to end. . . well see.

So this weekend Cause and The Effects did something pretty exciting and began recording their newest and best demo yet.  I'd like to give a big thanks to Matt Powell for allowing 6 animals into your studio and letting us kick those songs asses.

Ok this blog was a better idea when I first started writing it but its 9:17 AM and I feel like a snails is working its way through my brain.   So there you go, this is the end of my first "BLOG" ever.  I'll see you Friday at Rhythm and Brews!

-The Cause

Dom Provenzano